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  • What is Embedded Directory?

    The Embedded Directory is a matching site for Clients and IT / Telecoms Suppliers. It invites clients to provide some headline attributes of their business, and matches suppliers of specific technology to these clients based on these attributes.

  • Will my email data be used to spam me after I’ve registered?

    Absolutely not. Email contact detail and company profile information is merely stored to allow the matching process, and email correspondence relating to your project, to be performed. There is a monthly newsletter to both Clients and Suppliers giving an update on trends within the site / industry, and that’s it. None of these details will be sold for marketing purposes to third parties, nor can people pay for contact detail access for specific campaigns.

  • How much does the Directory service cost me?

    For Clients (ie people looking to buy an IT service) the Directory service is completely free. For Suppliers, registration is free and you are only charged a small commission once a client has awarded you a project, thus ensuring all of the risk of matching clients and suppliers appropriately is with Embedded.

  • I can’t find the technology I want…

    Because of the breadth of technology available, not every combination and permutation of ways of describing a specific solution can be catered for. When you search for something and it returns no suppliers however, Embedded as a company are notified and will find suppliers / technologies to match that need as quickly as they can (usually within a few days). If you want to be notified when this technology / supplier is boarded, drop an email using the feedback button and we’ll let you know.

  • None of the suppliers look like what I am after…

    Embedded pride themselves on their network of UK IT and Telecoms Suppliers, not all of whom have registered for the Directory for a variety of reasons. If you would like Embedded to help you find an appropriate supplier, please get in touch and we can discuss you requirements with you.

  • What is the plan for Embedded Directory over time?

    The Directory launches at the end of 2017 and has a roadmap of functionality in plan for 2018, including helping clients with their Contract Management needs, better supplier information and verification, customer/supplier reviews and other aspects. If you have any specific needs / wishes for the roadmap, please let us know and we’ll put it on the list.

  • Where are the legal terms and conditions I’m signing up to?

    All of the legal terms for Clients/Buyers and Suppliers are in the footer of the Directory website, and these are the terms you are signing up to as part of this process. They are relatively standard terms, and apply to all transactions on the site without exception – this is the only way the Directory can maintain its independence. The key terms are:

    • As a Client, you are responsible for the quality of information you provide, and you have a legal obligation to accurately inform Embedded of the outcome of your enquiry including giving access to any contractual information held between you and the Supplier.
    • As a Supplier, you are responsible for the quality of information you provide, and you have a legal obligation to accurately inform Embedded of the outcome of your enquiry including giving access to any contractual information held between you and the Client, and to pay the referral commission in line with your customer payment terms.
  • I need a bit more than just finding a Supplier…

    Embedded IT are a management consulting company that provides IT strategy and procurement advice to a range of clients regarding their use of technology as a business. If you want any additional support in terms of understanding where you wish to take IT or Telecoms, please get in touch and we can discuss different services we can offer to best support you.

  • I’ve registered as a Supplier, but I’m not getting any Clients approach me

    The site is being advertised to Clients through a number of media and client search / enquiry volumes are shown on the Directory home page. With a significant number of Suppliers within the Directory, not everybody will receive enquiries with significant frequency. Critical to the success of this service for a Supplier are the following questions:

    • Is my profile up to date? Ensuring all aspects of your profile are accurately representative of your company capabilities is key to driving clients to your profile. Of specific note is being clear on target industry, and number of clients in that industry, to ensure your Client preferences are listed to be matched with prospective buyers.
    • Are my skills and capabilities relevant to the market place? The Directory site shows the top search listings by Client, and your offerings may not be relevant to the current Clients search criteria. Embedded are tracking these market trends and are happy to discuss strategy with Suppliers who are looking to hone their marketing or product proposition.
  • Which Vendor technologies are covered by the site?

    When signing up, Suppliers are asked to confirm their coverage of the various technology vendors that are listed on the site. For a full list of vendors covered by the site, please click here to open the Vendor Listing